Guideline seeks to expand supply of caregivers for elderly

时间:2024-01-31 08:35:03来源:

Authorities plan to recruit older adults to care for even older ones in rural areas as part of a broader effort to bolster the supply of caregivers amid a rapidly aging population.

The measure was outlined in a recent guideline issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and 11 other central government organs in a bid to address the shortage of caregivers.

Li Yongxin, deputy director of the ministry's elder care service department, told a news conference on Tuesday that the guideline had dropped thresholds for workers to enter the sector, such as age limits and education requirements, due to the job's "strong practical nature".

He said policy tools will be rolled out to entice younger retirees and others with the "strength and willingness" to work as caregivers, start related businesses, and offer voluntary services in the countryside, where older people usually rely on family members for care and commercial services are scarce.

Li said the guideline also urged more efforts to entice workers with backgrounds including social work, physical rehabilitation, nutrition and psychological counseling to become caregivers.

Doctors, nurses and housekeeping workers are also welcome to work part time as caregivers, he added.