China, U.S. militaries discuss and coordinate future meetings

时间:2024-01-26 10:06:57来源:

The militaries of China and the United States are currently discussing and coordinating the next meeting under the Military Maritime Consultative Agreement, the Chinese Defense Ministry said on Thursday, adding that it will release information in due course.

The ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said at a news conference that Chinese and U.S. heads of state agreed during their meeting in San Francisco to restore high-level military communications.

"With concerted efforts from the two sides, the two militaries have steadily resumed dialogues on the basis of equality and respect," he said.

However, the spokesperson also reiterated China's stance on maritime and aerial military safety issues with the U.S.

He said that the root cause of these issues lies in the provocative actions of U.S. military ships and aircraft near China's doorstep, engaging in long-duration, wide-ranging, and high-frequency close-proximity activities in the waters and airspace around China.

"The Chinese military handles these situations in accordance with laws and regulations. Our actions are justified, reasonable, professional and restrained," said Wu.

"To prevent maritime and aerial incidents, the U.S. must cease the misuse of international law and all dangerous provocative actions," he said, noting that it should strictly regulate the activities of its front-line forces.

"This is the fundamental solution to avoiding unintended incidents at sea and in the air," he said.