China opposes EU decision in biased anti-subsidy investigation

时间:2024-01-16 09:55:46来源:

China has expressed its strong opposition to the European Union's decision to initiate an anti-subsidy investigation targeting Chinese electric vehicles and hopes that the EU will support China's high-quality renewable energy products in their contribution to global emission reduction efforts, said Commerce Minister Wang Wentao.

China is also willing to expand cooperation with Europe in the digital and innovation sectors, Wang said at a routable with Belgian enterprises in Beijing on Friday, urging the EU to promote trade balance and ease export restrictions on high-tech products, according to a statement released by the ministry on Monday.

The trade patterns between China and Belgium, as well as with the EU, are shaped by multiple factors such as industrial structures and market demands, Wang said, stressing that China never pursues trade surpluses as a deliberate policy objective.

China has taken proactive measures to demonstrate its commitment to expanding imports through initiatives such as the China International Import Expo from Belgium and other economies in the EU, Wang added.

China's new energy industry has made positive contributions to global and EU green transitions, and the EU's allegations of "overcapacity" in China's EV sector are unfounded, Wang said.

Businesses possess the ability to assess and manage risks in their operations and investment decisions. Excessive government intervention, on the other hand, can result in greater uncertainty and risks, Wang said.

Acknowledging great confidence in the prospects of China's economic development and its business environment, Belgian enterprises participating in the roundtable expressed their willingness to further promote economic and trade cooperation between Belgium and China, as well as between Europe and China, according to the statement.